Therapeutic accompaniment
Therapeutic accompaniment, as its name suggests, is a method of remedying certain physical or psychological problems through massage.
The " Sportive " massage
Because being at your best, at the right time, requires more than just training.
The "Cupping therapy " (Cupping therapy, Hijama)
The cup therapy (cupping therapy or cupping) can be used for various health problems. Currently, it is mostly used to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Cupping strongly activates blood circulation and thereby relieves pain.
The " Scraping " / Gua Sha
Modern science, although having made progress in several fields: food, medical, psychological.... unfortunately still does not solve everything that the human being needs.
Back massage
To fight the "pain of the century", we propose a regenerative relaxation, which will get rid of all your tensions in the neck, trapezius, shoulders, back muscles, paravertebral, and sacrum.
The massage " Body-Fitness "
The Body-Fitness sports massage is a more " Muscle " version of the sports massage. It is primarily focused on the well-being and performance progression of athletes adept at Bodybuilding and Fitness.
The harmonizing massage
The harmonizing massage is the Zen massage par excellence.
Chair massage
The "Amma" guides us to the precious and subtle balance between Ying and Yang.
The DIP method (Dermo-Info-Puncture)
The skin does not lie. It is the mirror of what is going on inside.
The " Trigger Points " massage
You are suffering unnecessarily, this type of massage is for you.
The "Deep tissue" massage
With great slowness and depth, it releases muscular tensions as well as the tensions of the connective tissues, the muscles thus find all their flexibility.
Therapeutic support can either focus on specific areas of the body or the entire body.
The latter is by no means a luxury: it is a necessity to be used. By applying pressure to the parts to be treated or to the entire body, this type of massage can, in fact, help optimize a person's healing. This is because it has beneficial effects on the joints, blood circulation, nervous system and of course the muscular system. This is by obviously increasing the well being of the person.
In addition to its multiple benefits, therapeutic accompaniment is presented as a natural remedy. This results in the fact that, in a general way, it does not generate any side effects.
By reconciling well-being and therapy, this type of massage generates many beneficial effects.
For example, the therapeutic accompaniment offers the possibility to relax and de-stress. At the same time, it remedies the pain one experiences in the back, releases tension in the muscles and optimizes flexibility in the joints.
The therapeutic accompaniment activates, in addition, the blood circulation. It is thus presented as one of the solutions against varicose veins or even heavy leg problems. It optimizes, also the functioning of the lymphatic circulation. This has the effect of increasing the capacity of the body to eliminate toxins.
It also helps relieve pain, heal respiratory problems and optimize the functioning of the digestive system.
Psychologically, this type of massage is prescribed to heal depression and stress.
Let us take care of you!
Used for many years by top athletes, sports massage is now available to you. Before exercise, massage prepares muscles to perform while avoiding injury.
After exercise, it prevents soreness and relaxes the muscles, allowing the muscles to relax for better recovery. This type of massage stimulates the lymphatic system, blood circulation and removes muscle knots.
Sports massage is often requested by athletes to relieve or prevent delayed muscle soreness, to accelerate healing of tendon and muscle injuries, to increase range of motion or muscle volume, etc.
Originally developed to treat sports injuries and increase athletes' performance, anyone can now enjoy the benefits of such massage.
To try it is to adopt it! There are different types of massages depending on the sport practiced or the pain felt. The Sports Massage is therefore adaptable according to each person's wishes.
" Full body " - Duration + 1h20
" Hemicorps " upper or lower - Duration + 40 minutes
Until recently, this technique was little known to most people in the West. In recent years it has gained popularity. Cupping therapy is now becoming more and more widespread.
The suction caused by cupping greatly increases blood flow to the capillary blood vessels of muscles, connective tissues and fascia. It also improves lymphatic circulation. Thus, it releases the stagnation of Qi and Blood in the painful areas. This has the effect of reducing pain, tension, contractions and muscle spasms. In addition, cupping promotes healing and allows for faster elimination of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles through physical exertion.
Cupping is also used to drive pathogens out of the body and decontaminate the respiratory tract in cases of colds, flus, or bronchitis.
Cupping when used on the thighs, strongly activates blood circulation in cases of cellulite. When practiced on the channel (meridian) of the Bladder on the back this technique acts to calm the sympathetic nervous system and provides deep relaxation, it proves an important complement in situations of stress and anxiety. In addition, this technique provides important muscle relaxation of the back.
Let yourself be surprised by this age-old technique.
This is why we sometimes turn to the Asian world in order to unearth certain ancestral techniques recognized for their benefits.
One of its trends is none other than the massage " Gua Sha " popularized by American celebrities and athletes. This Asian therapy helps relieve pain, nourish the skin and even do a total detox of your body without blowing your budget.
The word " Gua " means " scratch ", the word " Sha " as for it has several meanings depending obviously on the desired context. Since it is the medical side that interests us, the word "Sha " means metabolic waste that can disrupt the proper functioning of the blood and energy flow, thus causing significant pain. We can therefore translate the term " Gua Sha " as scraping off toxins.
This massage is done with a tool with smooth edges.
Far from being a simple massage, the " Gua Sha " is closer to a detoxification of the body by eliminating waste and toxins, thus allowing the creation of new, healthier cells. We will therefore speak of cellular regeneration.
Most scientists agree that the " Gua Sha " Massage relieves patients rapidly and effectively.
During a " Gua Sha " massage session, you will quickly notice the appearance of small red spots called petechiae that are released right after the tools are passed. These spots are a sub-substance that triggers the cleaning process of the treated area. Thus, it removes any dead blood cells that may block the normal flow.
Back pain and neck pain are often the result of stress, not to mention more serious health problems that can compromise our overall health in the long run. Instead of running away from ancient knowledge and healing techniques, we continue to put them to good use. These techniques would not have lasted so long if they were not effective.
If you are wondering whether or not "Gua Sha" is painful, which is a legitimate concern, you may be disappointed because it is almost impossible to provide a single answer to this question. The "Gua Sha" treatment can be unpleasant, slightly painful or painful enough to make you want to stop the treatment. It is obvious that it all depends on the part of the body treated and the nature of your pathology.
Part of the body often contracted and solicited, our back suffers from our rhythm of life, a frequent lack of physical exercise but also from our bad postures. This massage also aims to relieve psychological tension due to stress.
We will work on releasing muscle tension from the entire back.
Duration +/- 35 minutes
Thanks to much more precise and supported movements, this type of massage, in addition to the advantages of the classic sports massage, will have the effect of helping the athlete in his mass gain, or in his dryness if necessary.
This massage specially studied by an athlete, for athletes, will provide effective lymphatic drainage, restore optimum blood circulation, untie muscle knots, increase the amplitude of muscle contraction, ... thus giving the athlete, the possibility of exploiting his or her full potential with a decreased risk of injury.
This kind of massage is performed weekly by top athletes.
" Full Body " - Duration + 1h30
" Upper Body " - Duration + 60 minutes
" Lower body " - Duration + 50 minutes
Install in you, the calm, the well-being, the bodily and mental relaxation.
Enter a new dimension, closer to you, your body and your mind. The harmonizing massage acts on the whole body, encompassing the feet, legs, back, chest, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. We will seek together, the unity and harmony of body and mind.
This relaxing massage will provide you with a rare depth of relaxation.
Duration +/- 1h30
Discover the seated "Amma" massage. Ancestor of Shiatsu, the term " Amma " means calming with hands. This massage is practiced directly on clothing and does not require oil.
It is performed on an ergonomic and very comfortable chair.
Offering maximum relaxation in a minimum of time, Amma's main objectives are to activate the circulation of energies throughout the body, de-stress, re-energize and rebalance muscular and mental tone.
Seated Amma combines several body techniques that are similar to Shiatsu: pressure, percussion, vibration, tapping, effleurage.
Duration +/- 30 minutes
What pathologies can be treated with " Dermo-Info-Puncture "?
- Head pathologies: headaches, facial neuralgia, tinnitus- Cervical pathologies: torticollis, cervico-brachialgia- Shoulder pathologies: periarthritis, frozen shoulders- Elbow pathologies: epicondylitis, epitrochleitis- Wrist pathologies: carpal tunnel, tendinitis- Hand pathologies: finger tendinitis, thumb rhizarthrosis- Back pathologies: dorsalgia, intercostal neuralgia- Lumbar pathologies: low back pain, lumbago, sciatica- Hip pathologies: hip periarthritis, coxarthrosis (pain)- Knee pathologies: sprains, tendonitis, gonarthrosis (pain)- Ankle pathologies: sprains, tendonitis- Foot pathologies: heel spur, plantar pain.- Certain abdominal or gynecological pains.
Would you like to learn more about this care technique?
The " Dermo-Info-Puncture " or DIP method, is a fast, effective, non-invasive, needle-free and risk-free technique. There is no osteopathic manipulation and this method is absolutely without side effects. It is moreover an excellent ally for the complementary treatment of certain pathologies.
This Technique is the result of the experience of 3 practitioners concerned with offering their patients a non-drug solution to the vast majority of known pathologies. They are Dr. Thierry Schmitz and two physical therapists, Messrs. J.M Van Breuze and Franck Robert.
These three practitioners have developed a protocol that, while stimulating the surface of the skin on the path of the acupuncture meridians, allows us to send signals to our brain in order to activate the self-healing and unblocking processes.
It can be done on both a newborn and an elderly person.
It is completely painless for the patient.
It requires no devices, needles or products... just the hands of our therapist.
A session will never take you more than 10 to 15 minutes.
It works for both acute and chronic cases.
Best of all, it is extremely effective (over 90% of pain disappears) in the first session. Recent pathologies will never require more than 3 to 4 sessions.
Test it now at your MassageWorld therapist!!!
The " Trigger Points " are also called trigger points or trigger points.
The " Trigger Point " is a contraction, a node in a muscle, that looks like a small ball, a source of inflammation and a pain trigger that many people are affected by without knowing it. Applying pressure with the finger on this small ball is enough to cause pain. Pain that can extend well beyond the precise area of the trigger point.
For example, a pain in the neck, or even a headache may very well be caused by the formation of " Trigger Points " in the muscles of the lower trapezius, just as a pain in the arch of the foot may simply come from a trigger point in the calves.
So a massage of the painful area is not always the solution to your problem. With this type of massage we will together put our finger on the source of the problem. This is therefore performed à la carte, and will bring you as much as possible an immediate and lasting soulagement.
Duration +/- 30 minutes
It is ideal for athletes and all persons suffering from " chronic pain ". The latter is indeed recognized worldwide for its effects on the muscular level, thus reducing pain and inflammation.
The " Deep Tissue " massage works on the release of intramuscular adhesions in order to " alleviate pain " and promote the return to normal movement.
The latter also allows for better " tissue contact " and work at the fascia level, giving more space for muscles to grow.
This massage is particularly effective in fighting " chronic tension " (neck, back, thighs and calves).
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Massage therapy, the massage that heals
Allows a better physical recovery
True link of harmony between body and mind
Therapeutic accompaniment
Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscles
Favors your well-being
All ages without exception
Massage therapy is practiced before or after physical effort
Practiced before sports, massage helps improve performance and treats small everyday ailments. It warms the muscles and boosts blood circulation, thus limiting the risk of injury.
Practiced after the effort, it evacuates muscular tensions as well as toxins which, accumulated in the muscular irrigation vessels, are responsible for the appearance of aches. Practice your sport serenely thanks to our sports massages.
Sport is good, maintenance is better
At MassageWorld we are well aware that revalidation is not always easy. It is important to put all the chances on your side and this is what we offer through our different massages.
In addition to the therapeutic care provided by specialists in the medical field, we offer you to accelerate your healing process through our therapeutic massage.
We will never replace your doctor, physical therapist, osteopath, ... but we can help you move forward.
Contact us to learn more.
We are here for you and with you
Well-being is fundamental to every living being.
Unfortunately, our way of life and the imperatives linked to it leave little room for relaxation.
We therefore invite you to become aware that you only have one life, it is up to you to know in what conditions you wish to live this one. Your body and your mind are one.
Trust us to bring you this much sought after well-being.
Open up, clear your mind and take care of yourself.
The body and the mind are one
A large number of professional athletes trust us.
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Massage therapy, it's for everyone
Professional sportsman
Amateur athlete
Office worker
Are you professional sportsman and preparing for a competition?
We offer you a personalized service, integrating sports massage, Deep Tissue, Scraping, Cupping Therapy, Dermo-Info-Puncture, Laser Posturology, ...
Nothing is left to chance to help you reach your goals, because your goals are our goals. Let's avoid injuries together, let's increase your performance, let's reach the top!
Failure is not an option. We must succeed.
Are you amateur sportsmen and want to progress?
For decades professional athletes have benefited from sports and Deep Tissue massages before and after their training and competitions. It is thus possible for them to avoid a good number of injuries, to accelerate their recovery, to increase their vascularization and to optimize their muscular quality.
Because this should not remain the privilege of the professional elite, MassageWorld has developed, with the help of professional athletes, different massages adapted to amateur athletes.If you want a professional and personalized service, you have come to the right place.
Increase your performance and reach your goals now.
The pros trust us, why not you
Are you office worker and suffer from chronic pain?
We often hear that back pain is the pain of the century, but what are the causes? Back pain is often a consequence of stress, anxiety and immobility. These chronic pains prevent you from blooming completely, they poison your life?
Find your freedom of movement and reduce your chronic pain
You are worker and you suffer from back pain?
Your back, your muscles, your joints are put to the test throughout your day.
You are suffering and this problem will unfortunately not get better with time. React now, it's not too late!
We note a degradation of our physical abilities, an increase in back pain, increased by certain factors including physical work.
Know that it is quite possible to relieve a large majority of your aches and pains, and thus, considerably increase your quality of life.
Your body is your priority, you only have one! Consult us now and keep your mobility.
Your success asset
A large number of professional athletes trust us.
Why not you?
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Community MassageWorld
Frederic Feltz, an atypical career path
Frederic Feltz, your Massotherapist, was born on the 25/08/1973 in Belgium.
After a fulfilling childhood, he studied law and then accounting, at the end of which he began a professional career in the Luxembourg banking sector. In 2000, he was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident, and this event radically changed his way of life. Unable to walk for several months, he contracted a fibromyalgia syndrome. Unhappy with himself and very disabled in his professional life, he hit rock bottom and decided to take charge of his life. He started looking for a solution to relieve his pain. He eventually found this help through massage therapy.
Frédéric Feltz quickly realized the benefits of massage on the human body, first for relaxation, then for sports and therapeutic support. It was then that he realized that he could put his experience to the benefit of everyone.
Massotherapy helped him to resurface, couldn't he help in turn?
Thus, after several years of training, then practice in parallel to his banking activity, he launched himself as a Massotherapist.
Since then, Frédéric Feltz has lived his passion for the human body to the fullest. He devotes his time to the well-being, the fitness, the revalidation and the physical maintenance of both ordinary clients and professional athletes.
A large number of professional athletes trust us.
Why not you?
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